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Teddy Calvin


About Me

About Me

Actor. Singer. Collaborator.

"I pursue art out of love and fear: out of the fear that my life will be ordinary, predictable, and unexciting otherwise and out of love for its nature to keep me passionate, open-minded, and engaged with the essence of life."

—Teddy Calvin

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About Acting

About Acting

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About Acting

About Acting

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About Reviews

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Teddy Calvin makes Warren a likable schlub who…. exudes a hapless puppy dog quality that makes him the loyal serf to Dennis… His quirky inability to fit in anywhere, family or friends, makes him credible all the time.

-Florida Theater Onstage

As the musical progresses, Calvin makes Heere transform believably into a more confident, content person who sits and stands upright. The actor, like his castmates, possesses a strong, expressive singing voice.

-Florida Theater Onstage

“A first rate actor, Teddy Calvin’s embodiment of the lead character Jeremy as he transitions from painfully awkward teenager to squipped-out life of the party”

-South Florida Theater Magazine

Swan Lake Rock Opera's... Teddy Calvin [is] a particularly fine singer.

About My Look

About My Look

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